How It Works

You provide the site for the solar installation (rooftop, parking lot, or open land).

We handle the rest financing, installation, and long-term system maintenance for the term of your PPA.

Your organization purchases the electricity produced at a pre-determined rate measured in Kilowatt-Hours, just like your current utility bill.

Once your PPA term is up (typically 20-25 years you can purchase the system at reduced price, begin a new PPA, or we remove the system at no cost.

Contact us to find out how much your organization can save to get a free solar organization case.

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Vantage Energy develops utility scale, commercial and micro-grid solar protects. With experience in all aspects from land acquisition to asset management, our team has been there and knows how to increase value throughout the whole development process. Working with landowners, governments, communities and investors throughout every step, we lower risk for all parties and find a solution that benefits all. Infinite Watts is able to provide and facilitate physical and virtual PPAs for energy off-takers.

Benefits of a PPA

Immediate reduction in energy costs with no upfront spending.

Increased savings and reliability over time compared to fluctuating grid prices.

No performance risks – We build the system and maintenain it.

Let’s Make
the Planet Cleaner